How To Care For uPVC Windows

How Do You Maintain uPVC Windows?

UPVC windows require a modest amount of maintenance to keep them looking fantastic and keep them in good working order. It is always a good idea to inspect your windows every three months. You can always start by checking the locks and hinges. If it is necessary to apply a little lubricant to stop them from stiffening up, then do so. We have put together a few more helpful tips to help you look after your UPVC windows overtime.

How Do I Clean My uPVC Window Frames?

Ideally, cleaning your uPVC window frames at least twice a year, this will keep them looking fresh. To clean your uPVC window frames, firstly, start by opening your windows. Using a small soft brush, loosen any gunk built-up that you find on them. Once all gunk is loose, try to vacuum it up for an efficient result. Secondly, fill yourself a bucket of warm soapy water and using a microfibre cloth or soft cloth, proceed to wipe down your uPVC window frames. Take your time when cleaning the window frames. Try to get all around the edge of the window, if possible. A good tip is to avoid using any coloured cloths to clean your window frames, to prevent any dye from the fabric staining your uPVC windows. 

How Do I Clean The Glass?

The glass windows, now these can and should be cleaned more than the window frames. Ideally, cleaning the glass every month or so is a good idea, but try to avoid cleaning your glass windows in direct sunlight, as it can leave streaky marks on your glass. Furthermore, before you begin to clean your glass windows, consider wiping the whole glass window over to remove excess dirt. A soft cloth and some warm soapy water can give a delightful result to your windows

how to clean upvc windows

How Do I Maintain My uPVC Window Handles And Hinges?

Lightly oil and cleaning the handles and hinges will help to keep them operating smoothly. Doing this to your handles, hinges and other moving parts every six months may help to keep things running. 

These few tips can help to maintain your uPVC windows over time. To find out more about uPVC Windows contact the team on 01744 611 203


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