Solid Core Door

Are solid core doors worth the money?

Let’s express some style with a Solid Core door supplied and fitted by St Helens Windows. The Solid Core is a premium collection of popular front composite doors. Providing exceptional reliability, durability and performance with their uniquely engineered design, the Nordic wood used in these composite doors is the core of every Solid Core doors. These unique and specially designed composite doors use some of the most reliable materials available. 

Furthermore, Solid Core doors are guaranteed to improve the energy-efficient levels. These modern doors add style to the overall look of your home. Plus, with various styles, designs and colours to choose from, they are great for matching your property’s look. Furthermore, the Solid Core door provides a quality finish to any home. Utilising the deep Nordic pine core, encased in a glass-reinforced plastic exterior helps the door to endure all types of weather.

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Are they a solid front composite door?

Superbly designed solid front doors, the premium collection is available in both classical and modern door designs. Furthermore, the doors are durable and reliable, offering excellent performance. Plus, they exhibit characteristics and high-performance levels for a door.
The solid Nordic pine composite doors include a wide range of extras. For example, exclusive door handles, colours, glazing choices, plus several more options.

What are the benefits?

  • Variety of door designs and door colours
  • Constructed using solid Nordic pine
  • Encased in glass-reinforced plastic
  • Weatherproofed doors
  • Higher-strength and performance
  • High standards of energy efficiency

Customised and creative

The door uses premium glass, adding a unique style and allowing natural light into your home. The correct glass will help to provide complete privacy to your home. 

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diagram of structure

Do Solid Core doors come in a wide variety of colours?

Display your style through our premium colour range. Upgrade your door to an exceptional property feature. The Solid Core composite offers a wide selection of designs in a broad range of colours with white interiors as standard. The illustrated variety of colours is available, giving you an idea of the colour range available.

Door Colours

What are cross-bonded veneers?

The individual cross-bond structure of the door increases the lateral bending durability and stiffness of the panel. Plus, with the solid Nordic pine center and outer construction, all encased in glass-reinforced plastic.

Are you looking for a high-quality Solid Core composite?

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What are Solid Core doors?

Our talented door team can guide you through the details and comparisons of a Solid Core door and a composite door. Pop your name and email below, and we will send you information on the range of composite doors available at St Helens Windows.

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