How much does a glass roof conservatory cost?

A glass roof conservatory is the most common roofing system in the United Kingdom. The cost of a new glass roof varies. Choosing the best high-performance glass roof for your extension is an important element of the process. The appropriate glass roof will allow you to utilise your conservatory all year, manage the heat levels, and let in the right amount of light. Before having your conservatory built, you should think about the position, temperature control, maintenance, beauty, and durability of the structure. The following information can help you select the best glass roof for your conservatory. The list describes the available Ambience series. 

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Is a glass conservatory roof better?

In many aspects, a glass roof is superior to a polycarbonate roof. Double glazing will assist in keeping your conservatory warm during the winter months, thus saving you money on your energy costs. Double glazing will also bring natural light into your conservatory addition. Choose from a variety of double-glazing choices.

Why should you choose our conservatory glass roofs?

Conservaglass is a high-performance glazing product that ensures your customers get the most value for their money. It is available in a variety of colours (tiers 1 and 2), allowing you to personalise the look of your conservatory. In addition, all options include a self-cleaning system, as well as a variety of U-value and light rejection options.

• Conservaglass Standard: With self-cleaning coating technology, Conservaglass Standard is perfect where light transmission is received. Available in blue, neutral, aqua, and bronze.

• Conservaglass 4S: Offers 90% UV projection and 78% solar rejection, as well as self-cleaning properties. Available in blue, neutral, aqua, and bronze.

• Ultimate Blue: Ultimate Blue intelligent glass reflects 80% of solar energy in your new conservatory and will help reduce heat and solar glare in summer, available in blue only.

• Conservaglass Ultra86 – Conservaglass Ultra86 offers self-cleaning technology and optimum solar control properties, reflecting 86% of solar heat, available in blue only.

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    Creating a visually appealing space

    A glass roof may provide natural light to your home while also creating a visually pleasing room. Your conservatory will bring outdoor living into the heart of your house, allowing you to enjoy the changing of the seasons in comfort.

    Furthermore, St Helens Windows is a market leader in conservatory manufacturing and installation, and our glass roofing system is known for its quality and robustness.

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