uPVC Doors

How to choose uPVC doors?

At St Helens Windows, we offer charming and diverse uPVC doors, ideal for any home. Our PVCu doors come made to measure, helping to create the perfect front door for your property. Furthermore, our team of experts manufacture, supply, and fit a high standard of exterior PVCu doors at competitive prices. Plus, our selection of front and back doors are available with quality uPVC frames, or we offer supply-only doors. Our experienced and skilled team will fit your uPVC doors to a high standard leaving you with the perfect door.

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What are the benefits of uPVC doors?

  • Great guarantees on uPVC doors.
  • Created to be weatherproof.
  • Long-lasting materials.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Various uPVC colours are available.
  • Selection of stylish and traditional uPVC doors.

What are other advantages?

  • In-house manufactured uPVC door frames.
  • Professional uPVC door installers.
  • UPVC doors are supplied and fitted by one company.
  • One of the top uPVC door companies in the North West.
  • Reduce noise from the outside with an insulated door.
  • Ingenious multi-locking systems.
  • PVCu beading to help prevent the glass from being removed from the outside of the uPVC door.

Do you want to view examples of front and back doors?

Choosing a uPVC door can be difficult, especially with the variety of doors on offer. At St Helens Windows, we manufacture made-to-measure doors that are ideal for most homes. Furthermore, we provide several uPVC door styles to suit our customers’ specifications. Our PVCu doors are durable, stylish, and reliable, plus easy to maintain. The large selection of high-quality doors makes us ideal for finding the most suitable door for your home.

Will you be able to keep the house warm with a PVCu door?

Selecting a double-glazed door option can improve the energy efficiency levels in your home. A-rated energy-efficient PVCu panels are perfect for anyone who is looking for a new, cost-effective replacement door. Furthermore, a uPVC replacement door can help with saving money on energy bills in the long run.

Need help to choose the right PVCu door, colour, and frame?

A team member will be happy to help you find your ideal PVCu door. Our experts will assist with all your door needs, including additional side panels or fanlights required for your home. Furthermore, pop down to our showroom on Jackson Street in St Helens to see our door range on display. 

Request your uPVC doors brochure

Find your dream door with our comprehensive uPVC doors St Helens brochure. Our door brochure contains information about the PVCu doors we offer, including designs, colour choices, accessories, and glass designs available.

    uPVC door brochure

    Do you want to take advantage of our PVCu door sale?

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    Designer Collection UPVC Doors

    For the contemporary style uPVC door, the Designer Collection is perfect with its desirable range of modern living panel designs that incorporate stainless steel glazing trims and its complementary clean, architectural sandblasted glass. These are ideal for traditional and new build homes.

    Alberg One

    Molvino One

    Elorn One

    Levi One

    Cervinio One

    Chamonix Three

    Summit Six

    Neopslope Three

    Aspen One

    Courchevel Three

    Zermatt Three

    Avoriaz One

    Viliars One

    Chamonix Three

    Meribel Four

    Elorn One

    Livigno One

    Tignes Five

    Signature Collection

    The Signature Collection offers a timeless classic design, quality PVC door. We supply and fit the clean and fresh uPVC panel designed doors that are perfect for modern or traditional homes. Explore the collection below.

    Winslow Solid

    Newby One

    Thoresby One

    Winslow Two

    Heaton One

    Hanbury Solid

    Hagley Solid

    Hanbury Three

    Hanbury One

    Hagley Two

    Goodwood One

    Eltz Two

    Elton One

    Chambord Eight

    Burnby One

    Bramall One

    Bicton One

    Traditional Collection

    Explore the Traditional Collection of door uPVC panels, these feature vibrant, handmade lead and film designs while incorporating glass bevel elements that further enhance the aesthetic quality of the door.

    Hanbury One

    Hagley Two

    Oakwell One

    Arley One

    Belgrave One

    Carlton One

    Winslow Four

    Hagley Two

    Goodwood One

    Elton One

    Kirkley One

    Kenilworth One

    Bramall One

    Hanbury Three

    Whitley One

    Inverted Collection

    Examine our Inverted Door Collection, this is an impressive range of PVCu door panels that benefit from the inverted vacuum mould during manufacture. Furthermore, the profile shapes are inverted into the panel face as appose to protruding this offers a distinctive, recessed panel contour look to the finish.

    Aston Solid

    Stanford Solid

    Aston One

    Stanford Two

    Aston Three

    Standford Four

    Aston Three Black

    Arley One

    Broughton One Red

    Hardford Two

    Stanford Four

    Crystal Bevel Collection

    One of the uPVC door collections supplied by St Helens Windows is the Crystal Bevel Collection. The Crystal Bevel range incorporates a selection of crystal effect bevels. Furthermore, each bevel delivers a prism of light when the sun reaches it. Making the Crystal Bevel Collection a fabulous choice for brightly, sunlit entry hallways.

    Ragley Two

    Goodwood One

    Burghley One

    Winslow Four

    Hagley Two

    Hanbury Three

    Carlton One Celestine

    Kenilworth One

    Hanbury Three Opal

    Bramall One

    Normanby Two Barite

    Carlton One Lansonite

    Normanby Two Vivianite

    Thoresby One

    Carlton One Ebony

    Opaque Collection UPVC Doors

    Search our Fusion Opaque selection of uPVC doors, this uPVC door collection is a linear door panel range that features a sleek, modern and sandblasted glass designs. Furthermore, the Fusion Opaque range is complimented and subtly accented with a range of Fusion glass designs.

    Hanbury One

    Carlton One

    Kenilworth One

    Hanbury Three

    Monti One

    Eltz Two

    Avignon Two

    Cheverny One

    Bramall One Keltie

    Oakwell One

    Hagley Two Astana

    Bramall One Palermo

    Normanby Two

    Burghley One

    Hagley Two

    Cadram Collection UPVC Doors

    The Cadram Collection of uPVC doors is a fine line collection of panels that are glazed with a long-lasting detail that beautifully frames a range of coloured resin bevels. Furthermore, the classic panel door designs are ideal for the traditional home.

    Hagley Two

    Whitley One

    Kenilworth One Red

    Ragley Two

    Newby One

    Carlton One SB Cluster

    Hanbury Three Diamond

    Carlton One Catherine

    Hagley Two SB Anne

    Carlton One SB Rose

    Hagley Two Margaret

    Carlton One SB Mary

    Hanbury Three

    Carlton One Morel Green

    Kenilworth One Black

    Carlton One Marmion

    Bicton One

    Hanbury Three Number

    The uPVC doors featured are for illustration purposes only. The door styles and glass designs may vary.

    Are you looking for uPVC window replacements?

    4 diamond glass design on bay window replacement

    Bow windows provide a rounder styling than a bay window. These move away from your home, maximising your available area. Plus, our bow windows come in a mix of colours and styles ideal for you.

    Casement Vented large flat windows in white uPVC

    Our casement windows are one of the most popular window replacements in the UK. They are flat against the wall and offer a budget-friendly option for your A-rated energy-efficient window.

    Casement Windows available

    Georgian windows are an appealing alternative that adds stunning astragal bars. These windows are excellent if you are looking to keep the style of your home. Also, these are available in a variety of colours.


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