The History Of The Verandah

A verandah is an open porch with a roof attached to the outside of a building.

Verandah structures like these became popular during the Victorian era and at the time of British colonialism.

They are similar to gazebos and pergolas but differ as they attach to a building. Moreover, this article discusses the history of the veranda and why they are popular today.

Where Did The Verandah First Appear?

Although not certain, these structures originated on the east side of the world, where the weather is humid. Moreover, they allow for shade and fresh air in the sun. They also offer shelter in the rain.

In the mid-1800s, verandahs were built in India as they were stylish and aesthetic to the English. Furthermore, they added elegance and class to properties and a covered area to enjoy the garden from. Other British colonies then benefited from the same structures, such as those in Australia and New Zealand. 

Verandas Around The World

Verandahs are in use all around the world. In some areas of Japan, snow can fall heavily. Hence, verandas wrap around buildings for protection. Moreover, in Poland, they are unheated annexes, with or without glass walls surrounding homes. Brazillian verandas often face the direction of the sunrise. Whereas in the United States, they are decorative additions to most houses – particularly in the south as they act as a shade. 


Why Are They Beneficial In The UK?

Given that verandas are common in the more humid countries of the world, they may seem redundant in our cooler climate. However, verandahs offer a contemporary and necessary shelter. They incorporate modern and contemporary architecture.

You can add stylish accessories too, like lighting and heating. Moreover, some homeowners use the space like a patio, adding furniture beneath. Hence, they create a cosy space to benefit from all year round. 


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