Apex windows are also known as gable end windows.

The definition of apex is the highest point of something. Therefore, apex windows are ones that go to the top of the ceiling. Moreover, they tend to be triangular windows that fit in with the structure of the roof. Hence, they flood the room with natural light due to their expansive size. They can usually be found on extensions, in hallways or in dormer bungalows. They are stylish and suit any style of home. 

How Expensive Are Apex Windows?

Like all windows, the cost of an apex differs depending on the size, style and materials used. Hence, timber and aluminium frames are often more expensive. However, uPVC frames are considered more cost-effective. Moreover, double glazing is cheaper than triple glazed windows too.

Advantages Of Apex

  • Stylish and modern
  • Expansive natural light
  • Provide stunning views

Apex windows are a contemporary addition to any home that transforms a gable end into an extraordinary statement piece. Moreover, the expansive glass can create a beautifully lit room and provide spectacular views of the outside. 


  • Privacy issues
  • Overheating a room or the home

Depending on where your window is situated, an apex window can expose a lot of your home to the outside. However, adding curtains or blinds to the windows can help to solve this problem. Yet, the triangular shape can add difficulties. Moreover, the curtains can also solve the problem of the room overheating in the direct sunlight by providing a shade too.

Where Do They Look Best?

A large, triangular window like this can look perfect anywhere in the home. However, they look particularly stunning in loft spaces, bedrooms, kitchen extensions and bathrooms. People also tend to utilise them in hallways. Furthermore, utilising the floor-to-ceiling look by having large expansive panes doubling as a wall.