If you are looking to buy a new build or to build your own, you will want to consider its structural composition.

If you are carrying out the massive DIY project of building your own home, you will need to know everything about the plot of land, the components involved, the framework and the structural composition of homes.

There is a lot to consider when moving into a new build, including the design and construction process. One of the most important things to look out for is what kind of frame will hold up the walls and roof! Moreover, this will determine how durable your house will be over time. Our article will discuss the different structural makeups of homes.


Prefabricated homes are those that are built in a warehouse and then imported to the construction site to be built. Hence, frames like these are often made of wood or metal. In some cases, fibreglass may be used.

A prefabricated frame is cost-effective and easy to install. However, because the materials are cheap, the homes are considered to be less durable. Moreover, the frame cannot be customised given that it is made in a warehouse in large quantities.

Timber Structural Composition

One of the most common frames used for the construction of homes is a timber frame. These wooden frames comprise large beams that hold up the walls and the roof. Similar to prefabricated walls, timber is cost-effective. However, it can be easily customised too.

Wood is susceptible to decay and rotting. The frame cannot withstand natural disasters because of this and may be prone to mould and excess moisture.


Insulated Concrete Forms, or ICFs as they are known, are used in some circumstances to make up the frame of a house. One benefit of these is that they are resistant to fire, insects and any damage from water. However, they are bulky and heavy – meaning they are also expensive. They also do not work with all construction projects.

Steel Frames

Commercial buildings are often made up of a steel structural composition as it is a strong material that is resistant to rotting. It can also withstand natural disasters.

Steel is customisable so would be beneficial for any home. Yet, the material is expensive meaning the project may be costly.