Prevent Mould: Keeping Your Bathroom Clean

Mould is a hugely common problem amongst homeowners. 

As well as being unsightly, it can cause damage to the home and damage to your health. Moreover, a homeowner is more likely to have respiratory and immune system issues if mould is present in their home. Hence, it is often considered a homeowner’s worst nightmare.

What Causes Mould?

To prevent mould, you must first understand what causes it. Lingering moisture is the main reason why it occurs. Hence, if you have a lack of ventilation in the home, you will likely run into problems. It thrives in warm, dark and wet conditions – meaning the bathroom is an ideal breeding ground.

What Stops It?

Cracking a window or door and allowing fresh air into the home and the room in question is the easiest way to tackle the issue. Wiping down shelves, washing towels and bathmats and removing excess water from the room also helps.

If you’re redecorating, consider mould-resistant paint. Furthermore, this can stop the growth from occurring. Ventilation or extraction fans are also ideal. They remove moisture from the air and keep the room feeling fresh. Moreover, purifying plants can also help to reduce the humidity!

How To Remove It?

Despite your best efforts, a small amount of mould may still grow over time. However, acting fast can minimise its effects and its spread. You can purchase mould remover from DIY stores or supermarkets. Be sure to wear a face mask and gloves when applying the remover as the products can be rather strong. Moreover, you should also test the product in a small area first to ensure it isn’t too abrasive. Follow the instructions and rinse the area and your hands thoroughly post-application.

Keeping on top of the susceptible areas by wiping them down and paying close attention to them can help to reduce the growth too.

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