Modern Loft Hatch And Ladder Benefits

When Is A Good Time To Replace My Loft Hatch? 

Have you noticed that your home is losing heat upstairs? Is there a cold draught blowing into your home from the loft hatch? The heat loss may be down to your attic hatch. The loft hatch may require replacing due to the poor insulation, or perhaps it has been poorly fitted.

A poorly insulated loft hatch can create severe issues throughout your home. One of the biggest problems caused by a faulty loft hatch is your attic may get a buildup of condensation, leading to damp. Damp can be a big problem and is an issue that requires immediate attention.

The loss of heat may require your central heating being on more often. Plus, this will run the risk of higher energy bills.

Furthermore, your loft hatch may be an older design with a more modest hatch space. The access area could be causing problems, expressly if you are using the attic for primary storage. The ladder access could have its limitations too. In this article, we will explore the benefits of replacing your existing loft hatch.

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Add Style With A Modern Loft Hatch

Loft hatches are now available in various styles. Furthermore, with many different varieties of loft hatches to choose from, including a plastic loft hatch, the stylish electric semi-automatic loft hatches or an airtight hatch loft. There are attic hatch and ladder combinations for almost every home. It is a good idea to find a reputable company with experience and accreditations in the home improvements industry to supply and install your new loft hatch. Shop around.

Easy Access Hatch Lofts

Modern loft hatches offer easy access and are much easier to open and close. Plus, insulated loft hatches are available with ladders, opening mechanism, and in some cases, they come with remote control.

The stylish electric semi-automatic loft hatches are perfect for homeowners that may struggle with heavier objects as they require little effort when opening. None electrical hatched lofts come with an access pole, assisting with the ladder upwards or downwards. Furthermore, the access pole gives you access to your loft hatch without having to stretch.

A Variety Of Loft Ladder Options

Loft ladders are much more versatile nowadays, with various loft ladders available for your new loft hatch. As mentioned earlier in the article, the electric semi-automatic loft hatch offers a remote control loft ladder for easy accessibility. However, there are other loft ladder options available on the market today, including the popular lightweight retractable loft ladders. The lightweight retractable loft ladders offer convenience. Plus, fitted handrails offer easy access to your loft. So handrails could be something you may want to consider.

Improve Your Homes Energy Efficiency Levels

A professionally fitted contemporary loft hatch will help to improve your homes energy efficiency levels. Furthermore, a modern loft hatch comes with built-in insulation. The sealed edges of the door prevent any draughts from escaping into your home. Plus, with an up-to-date loft hatch, the insulation will reduce heat loss. So over time, you should see a reduction in your energy bills too.


Other Ways To Review Your Homes Energy Efficiency Levels

Should I Improve My Loft Insulation?

You may be losing substantial portions of heat from your home through your roof. Check that your loft has the correct insulation because this may be contributing to your homes energy efficiency. A correctly insulated attic will keep your home warmer for longer and may save you money on energy bills.

Are Your Windows Letting Heat Escape?

Some everyday places that heat escapes your home is through windows. Older single glazed or damaged double glazed units may require replacing due to age or quality. If you have noticed heat is escaping through your windows, it may be time to consider replacing them with modern energy-efficient windows. Old windows may add to the cost of your heating bill.

Call 01744 611 203 for more information on how to improve your homes energy efficiency levels.

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