Keeping up the external aesthetic of your home can be difficult and costly.

Buying your house might have been your first step on the property ladder. You may have gone for affordability over desirability. Hence, you might now want to make some changes and spruce up your home’s external aesthetic.

Kerb appeal can add to the feel of your home and the value of the property. However, what should you consider in order to achieve that? Our blog has some affordable ideas for you.

The Property’s Exterior

When sprucing up the external aesthetics, you should consider the walls, roof and windows. Depending on the type of house you own, you may need to repoint the mortar. Not only will this help the look of your home, but it will also prevent problems with dampness within.

If the brickwork is poor, you may wish to consider rendering the home. A smooth render will add a modern feel to the home.

Take a look at the roof if you can, or ask a professional to check it over. The chimney stack, gutters and fascias should all be in good, working condition.

Finally, the windows and doors may need updating. If you have wooden windows, consider upgrading to uPVC to enhance the look of your home as well as the energy efficiency.

The External Aesthetic Of The Garden

The space around your home is as important as the building. Whether you have a lot of garden space or just a small patch of grass, tend to it all the same.

You may have enough space to create a driveway or to build a garage if you are willing to take on a large project. Easier improvements involve hiding your bins, fixing broken fence panels, or adding outside lights.

The Rear

If the front of your house is aesthetically pleasing, don’t neglect the back. You might wish to consider a small extension, a conservatory or an orangery. You may wish to install bifold doors or French doors instead. Depending on how big of a project you wish to undertake as well as your budget, you can spruce up your home to increase its worth!