How To Choose Your Ideal Conservatory Space

Ideas For Your Conservatory

Conservatories come in several styles. We have put together a list of ideas on how to use your conservatory space. Moreover, this includes popular conservatory styles, roof systems, complimenting floor materials and finishes ideal for your decor.

How Do I Best Use My Conservatory Space?

Are you uncertain about what to do with your conservatory? Remember, whatever option you choose. Furthermore, try to create your ideal living area for comfort and entertaining. Are you looking to create an outdoor feel indoors? Create a space that can house several plants and traditional furniture, a colourful garden room? Moreover, attempt unusual bright colours and exotic plants with some additional contemporary furniture with plenty of cushions ideal for lounging.

Try designing a space for all the family or creating a space to be used for several purposes, a recreations area with a fuzzball table or pool table. Furthermore, you could use it for a dining room for dinner parties or maybe a studio room. Moreover, a multifunctional conservatory space creates a feeling of unity with entertainment and comfort.

What about a modern conservatory kitchen, create a unique kitchen space with your conservatory. You could add a contemporary look with some stone flooring and square-framed style kitchen units. All modernised with an impressive colour scheme.

Which Flooring Works Best In My Conservatory Space?

An interesting idea to improve your conservatories look is to replace the floor with a new flooring system. Furthermore, there are numerous flooring options to choose. One option is to create a serene space using a distressed rich white oiled nature Oak flooring. Moreover, the bright and crisp Oak flooring will create a smooth look to your conservatory. Furthermore, you can tailor your colour palette to supplement your interior furnishings, giving you that ideal tranquil place.

Do you tend to use their conservatory regularly? A robust and easy to clean flooring system is a better choice. Try something like a quality hardwearing laminate flooring or a stylish non-scratch floor tile. Moreover, avoid a traditional carpet as carpets are easily marked and will require a professional clean.

Unsure of what flooring you require for your conservatory space? There is a large variety of flooring systems to choose from for your conservatory. Furthermore, most floor systems are good value for money and will help to create an excellent look.

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What Type Of Blinds Are Ideal For My Conservatory?

When it comes to a traditional Victorian conservatory, you may want to consider turning your a bay window section into a feature window. Strong Roman-style blinds can work adequately, try choosing a contemporary design. A cost-effective Lean-To conservatory may benefit from a selection of stylish roller blinds. Roller blinds are great for fitting into small places and tight angles. 

Venetian blinds are ideal for most conservatory designs. The benefit to Venetian blinds is how they can make a long and slimmer window look wide and short. Furthermore, they give you more control over the amount of light you require in your room.

Vertical blinds are ideal for Edwardian conservatories. The vertical blind with their drawn chain control is perfect for letting in added or limited amounts of light. Furthermore, the Vertical blind system allows you to pull the entire blind to one side for a clear view of your garden or patio area. 

What Type Of Conservatory Roof Do I Choose?

A tiled roof style or a lightweight tiled roof conservatory system is very similar in appearance as a standard ground floor extension. Unlike a traditional conservatory roof system, the tiled roof style merges perfectly with your home.

Furthermore, a tiled roof conservatory is perfect for converting your existing conservatory into a new living space, dining area or a downstairs bedroom. Benefit from additional natural lighting in your tiled roof conservatory with some stylish skylights. Other benefits include the additional layers of insulation. A lightweight tiled roof conservatory system will give you a warm space during the winter months and a comfy room in the summer. 

The traditional glass roof conservatory option offers a beautiful scenic view. Furthermore, the glass roofing system incorporates a choice of double glazing windows. Choose from a selection of self-cleaning glass and various energy efficiency levels. A glass roof also allows the highest amount of light to access your conservatory room, compared to a tiled roof or polycarbonate roof option. 

Another option is a lightweight polycarbonate roof, a structurally sturdy option, the polycarbonate roof system is an affordable roof for most conservatories. Furthermore, polycarbonate protects from the elements and is available in various colours and style, including blue and gold.

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