How To Prevent Mould From Growing

Despite being a huge problem across the country, there are easy ways to prevent mould from growing in your home.

It is unsightly and a health hazard having mould within the house. Moreover, it can produce allergens and irritants, and sometimes even toxicity. Respiratory issues are often identified in those who have the bacteria growing at home, as well as immune system issues. We have some advice for you to prevent mould from growing.

What Causes Mould?

In order to prevent mould, you must know where it is coming from. One of the common causes is moisture. Hence, if you have a lack of ventilation at home, this may cause growth. It thrives in warm and wet conditions, especially if it is dark. Therefore, the bathroom can be a particular source.

It is important that homeowners and tenants are aware of the dangers associated with mould. It is also important that you know how to prevent mould from growing as it can spread quickly and become more difficult to manage.

How To Prevent Mould From Growing

Making sure your rooms are properly ventilated is paramount to prevent mould. If a room is ventilated, it will not stay wet for very long. Hence, open up the windows or the doors when you have had a shower or a bath. This allows for the moisture to escape.

Wipe down any shelves, wash towels and bathmats regularly and remove any excess water within the bathroom.

Other Ways

Mould-resistant paint can be used to keep it at bay. Ventilation fans are also ideal as they remove moisture from the air. Purifying plants can also reduce humidity.

How To Remove Mould

To remove mould, you should purchase a specialist remover. A face mask and gloves will need to be worn as the products are strong.

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