Lots of people are too afraid to talk about their mental health.

Mental health is a topic that is still not spoken about enough in the public eye. Following the pandemic three years ago, more people than ever are working from home. Therefore, they are seeing their work colleagues less and have fewer in-person conversations daily.

Workplace Wellbeing

If you consider well-being at work, you might think of things like productivity and energy. However, office well-being should take into consideration issues relating to stress and depression or anxiety. These problems link with having low energy or low productivity levels so should be tackled head-on.

Ways To Tackle Mental Health When Working From Home

One way to combat low levels of mental health when working from home is to utilise the gym. Working from home means you don’t have to set off early to get to work. It also means you won’t get home any later than your office hours. Hence, you have a little more time to yourself.

Use the time wisely by boosting your well-being. It is a known fact that exercise can boost your mood – so head to the gym in your spare time, or invest in some equipment to use at home during your dinner hour.

If you have the privilege of being able to attend the office for a few days a week, make the most of getting out of the house and socialising. Some companies are introducing activity-based work settings. These allow for a varied work environment meaning you may have quiet spaces or creative hubs, standing desks or communal areas for you to move around.

If you are adamant about staying at home, ensure you have the right lighting. You need plenty of Vitamin D to enhance your mental health, so be sure to see the daylight each day. Open the curtains or stand outside for a while.

Air quality is also important so ensure your heating and ventilation systems are working effectively to boost your mood and keep your mental health well.