How Front Doors Have Evolved

When Were Front Doors Invented?

For over a millennium, front doors have been keeping people protected and heated. However, have you ever questioned where the idea of a front door comes from? And how it has developed into the stylish portal we use today?

Let us take you back to ancient Egypt. The Egyptians would use hinged wood in their doorways. The pieces of wood would have no design pattern, and the hinges would go across the door. But, the earliest recorded front doors are said to be the ones created for King Solomon’s Temple.

The temple doors were made from olive wood. The dense consistency and rich colour would offer a fine texture appearance. However, the first automatic door was created in the 1st century AD. The door was designed by a Greek scholar known as Heron.

What Are The Origins Of The Door Knocker?

The ancient Greeks are known as one of the first civilizations to use the front door knocker. Plus, other artefacts discovered have confirmed that the Greeks benefitted from several door styles. The door artefacts found included evidence of folding doors and an early version of a sliding door.  

traditional large double wooden doors Paris

Did You Know, Many Front Doors Used Today Are Direct Influences Of The Past?

Throughout history, different eras have given us different door designs. For example, the Tudors designed front doors for two reasons. Firstly, to captivate and influence their guests. Secondly, the Tudors designed their doors to prevent unwanted people from entering their homes. The Tudors would employ leading craftsmen to create extravagant and elaborate oak front doors with unique designs. However, during the early 17th-century front doors were plain, imposing, and often enhanced with ornate brackets and pillars.

The following century, known as the Georgian era, signified the introduction of regally designed front doors. Georgian doors would fill the entrance of the property, allowing little natural light into the home. Although Georgian doors were well designed, they consisted of basic panels and were dull in colour. However, more impressive Georgian homes would often have double doors decorated with ornate accessories.

By the early 19th century, townhouses were flourishing, and plain front doors were everywhere. Terraced housing dominated the 19th century, with timber doors replicating the more elegant mahogany style doors. However, during this time, front porches started to gain popularity and creative door designs became fashionable. Dynamic designs with flamboyant panelling became the trend. Furthermore, in 1849, letterboxes were added to front doors, and manufacturers had to rethink their door designs. 

Things certainly changed in the 20th century, as the mass production of softwood front doors began. Colour trends went from dark greens to more dynamic colours. Accompanied by traditional stained glass designs with some that are as popular today. Plus, doors being the central point of the property became popular during the 20th century and are still trending today.


Do I Choose A Traditional Or Contemporary Door Design?

Although habits are continually evolving, there is something quite unique about a front door style. Several people are now looking to restore their original door sometimes dating back to the 19th century. However, many homeowners are opting to purchase contemporary composite doors. They wish to replicate the traditional Victorian or Edwardian style door.

Not only do homeowners want a stylish door, but they also want a durable and long-lasting one. Wood, uPVC, composite and even aluminium are popular materials. Furthermore, all are weatherproof too. Moreover, homeowners often like to match their door to their style of home. Traditional period doors, to modern contemporary homes. The choices are endless. Glass panes benefit from double-glazing nowadays. They are available in multiple styles and patterns too. From staining, bevelling and etching – there’s a pattern to suit all. 

Security, energy efficiency and cost play a part in people’s choice too. Handles, hinges, door knockers and letterboxes are available in a wide variety of styles. Fancy doorbells, locks and other accessories also complement the front doors of today. Moreover, homeowners have more options now than ever before when choosing front doors.

Check out our pages on front doors for more information. We have styles and options to suit all. Alternatively, give us a call on 01744 611203. Or visit our showroom at Unit 1a Eastside Industrial Estate, Jackson Street, St Helens, Merseyside WA9 3AS to see for yourself!

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