Roofs And Their History

A roof is the top cover of a building.

Moreover, a roof can also cover vehicles, tunnels, and more. They serve to protect from external extremities. In most countries, this is against rain. In some countries, they can protect against the sun. Verandas are an example of this. On the other hand, conservatory roofs admit light whilst protecting from the bad weather. Furthermore, they can provide additional space through a roof-top garden.

Hence, this article will discuss the history of roofing and the types that are popular today.

The Need For Shelter

Since the beginning of time, humans have sought shelter. Back then, man-kind would reside in caves or create temporary shelters when hunting. The use of sticks and twigs, leaves and shrubs, alongside rockery, would ensure the shelter could withstand the elements.

Early Roofs

Around 40,000BC, mammoth skin would act as material for roofs. As mentioned above, wood, rocks and clay would also suffice as well as animal parts. 

In the 700AD years, thatch roofing was popular in the UK. Around 300 years later, wood shingles became popular. However, following an outbreak of fires across London, a law was introduced stating that thatched roofing should be replaced. 


Modern-Day Design Of Roofs

When designing a roof, the material, construction and durability are all now taken into consideration. 

Ceramic roof tiles have been a popular choice of material in recent years. Asphalt, rubber, coal, PVC, slate and shingles are also common. 

Roofing construction refers to the support and pitch. In plain terms, the angle of the roof from its lowest point to its highest. Thatch roofs have a steep slope for durability. Nowadays, drainpipes can help the run-off of water. Thus, removing the need for a steep slope. 

Furthermore, roofs need to maintain durability in the modern-day as they can be costly to repair and renew. Moreover, damage caused by poor roofing can have serious effects on the home and its surroundings and occupants. 

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