Glass Choices for Your Home Windows and Doors

Choosing The Right Glass for Your Homes Doors and Windows 

Double glazed windows can be a crucial part of a home, adding a lot of benefits. These can include improving soundproofing, security and energy efficiency. However, not all double glazing windows are the same. That is why choosing the right type of glass for your windows and doors can be confusing.

Here are some of the following glazing options available to improve your home.

Conservatory with skylights

Anti Sun Glass

If you have a conservatory or a window that faces south, sometimes the sun can be too bright. That can be annoying, having to close your blinds due to the sun. Therefore, it may be time to fit in some anti sun glass. That will help to reduce the suns glare so you can enjoy the enhanced natural light without the intense brightness.

Toughened Glass

People often use toughened for windows at risk. Some people, however, choose to have toughened glass through the property. At St Helen’s windows, we can supply and fit the toughened safety glazing. If you want to know more about the features, get in touch with our team.

Obscure Glass

If you are looking for privacy, then the obscure glazing may be for you. You do not need to sacrifice all the light coming into your home by closing your curtains or blinds. That is why the most popular choice today is obscure. It allows the light in without having you to compromise on your privacy. There is also a wide selection of patterns and styles to choose for your home.


Sound Reduction Glass

With state of the art double glazing and tripled glazing, they can provide excellent noise reduction. However, if you live on a noisy road or a busy area, you may want to consider sound reduction glass. It aims to reduce sound, with double glazing.

Glass conservatory

Self Cleaning Glass

Self-cleaning works by its intelligent design. It uses sunlight and raindrops to help keep the glazing clean. This type of glass is useful around the property where windows are hard to reach. Furthermore, it is a common choice for the roof of your conservatory.

When choosing your windows, it is useful to consider what you want from them. Once you have decided, it will be much clearer to make your decisions. If you are unsure about which is the best choice for your property, our home improvement specialists can help. 

lean to conservatory

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