New builds are becoming more energy efficient.

The new builds that are under construction in the UK are aiming to be more energy efficient and eco-friendly. They are being designed with modern adaptations to reduce their environmental impacts. Strict construction rules apply, including that gas boilers will be banned from UK homes that are built post-2025.

Homes across the UK account for more than 20% of greenhouse gas emissions. There are over 25 million homes in England and they produce more than 58 million tonnes of carbon dioxide every year. Hence, they are polluting the air more than the 27 million cars that are on the road.

The statistics shown above are due to the quality of residential properties as opposed to the quantity. We have some of the oldest houses in Europe, meaning they are poorly insulated and leak heat before they warm the building.

Heat Pumps

Gas boilers are becoming a thing of the past. They are old-fashioned and inefficient as a way of heating the home. Hence, new builds will use heat pumps.

A heat pump can be an air source, meaning they absorb heat from the outside and transfer it in. Alternatively, they can be ground source pumps, which take heat from the ground and feeds it into the underfloor heating system or the radiators.

Charging Points For New Builds

The UK is steering away from petrol and diesel cars and is introducing electric cars or hybrids. Hence, as of 2022, new builds are required to have electric charging points as the UK plans to stop the sale of petrol cars by 2030.

Solar Panels

Despite it seeming to be rarely sunny in the UK, solar panels are an easy and effective way of generating clean energy. The panels are fitted onto the roof to absorb the energy from the sun and convert it into electrical energy.