How To Draught Proof Your Front Door

How To Draught Proof Your Front Door

One of the best ways of making your home energy-efficient is draught proofing. It tends to be one of the most affordable home improvements to create a warmer home throughout the winter months.

From chimney stacks to front doors, several places in your home could be the cause of your draught. But, before we start sealing every nook and cranny in your home, we need to understand the right ways of achieving draught proofing.

All homes contain some form of ventilation. That prevents the build-up of damp in certain areas and keeps the house fresh. However, when we have unwanted ventilation, it can lead to draughts and cold living spaces. That is why we have put together this easy to follow article on how to draught proof your front door.

Doors can be a leading causes of a draught in your home. But following a few simple steps, you can prevent almost all of these draughts.

Benefits Of Draught Proofing

Affordable methods of improvement

Could save you money on your energy bills

Prevents cold air from entering the home

Looking For Draughts

To effectively prevent cold draughts coming from your door, you first need to understand where they are coming in. 

Start by slowly running your hand around the frame edge to see if you can feel cold air. If you can’t, then your door is probably sealed fine and you may not need to worry about this step. Next, you can check any accessories. These may include the keyhole, letterbox or cat flaps. If you feel cold air coming through make a note and look at the corresponding section below to see how you can draught proof your door.

The average household could save £60 per year by draught proofing*.

*According to website We cannot guarantee that you will achieve the same savings.

Steps To Take To Draught Proofing Your Door

Following these simple steps can help to prevent draughts from entering your home through a door. They could also reduce your energy bills and improve the thermal efficiency of your home. 

All the prices shown are approximations based on products found online.

Reducing Draughts At The Bottom Of The Door

The edges of a door can be one of the main areas causing a draught. Moreover, the bottom requires a different fix to the rest of the frame. But it is a relatively easy fix to make a draught proof door.

The best fix at the bottom of a door is to use a door sweep. That is a thin rail that connects to the bottom of the door with a brush attached. Furthermore, a door sweep provides a seal and prevents draughts from entering.

For a temporary fix, you may consider investing in a draught excluder. These work in a similar way but they aren’t as secure or efficient. A common problem for draught excluders is that they can move away from the frame when shut externally. That is why a door sweep is the best choice to prevent a draught at the bottom of your door.


How To Stop A Draught From A Letterbox?

It is relatively easy to stop a draught from a letterbox. The two best options are low cost and can drastically reduce a draught coming through the door. Furthermore, a cause of these draughts is use and incorrect closing of the letterbox. 

A simple way to reduce this is to install a draught excluder on the internal opening. These excluders work in the same way as the door sweep and block the draughts flowing through the door. Alternatively, you could install an external wall letterbox. That could become a considerably more expensive option if you decide to replace the door and to remove the letterbox opening altogether.  

Draught Proofing Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the type of door that you have, cold air can penetrate in several ways. However, there are many easy fixes to help with these problems. Following these simple steps will help you reduce the draughts coming through your door.

  1. Locate where the cold air is entering.
  2. Find the corresponding section in the article above.
  3. Read carefully and choose which actions will best suit your home.

To fully seal the bottom of a front door you will need to install a door sweep. Installation of a door sweep is relatively easy. There are plenty of free online guides to help with the process.

If the draught is coming from various locations on the door, you may need to update your weather stripping. Again, this is an easy DIY job, but you may want to consult a trusted local trader if you aren’t confident with the process.

These simple applications should help with any problematic draughts from around the edges of your door.

One of the benefits of draught proofing is that it is a relatively low-cost installation. According to, the average household could save up to £60 yearly from draught proof measures*. That is why it is crucial to take the necessary steps to create a draught proof home.

There are many different ways to keep a poorly insulated house warm. The methods of doing this vary depending on what is causing the problems. The article above focuses on how to draught proof your door. To see more ways to keep an insulated house warm click here.

Draught Proofing Cat Flaps

It may seem obvious due to the large hole a cat flap creates in a door. However, with the right modifications, you can prevent a draught coming through a cat flap.

First of all, if you don’t require a pet flap for whatever reasons you may want to consider replacing your door to remove the flap. Although, that is not a suitable choice for everyone. You can start by sealing around the outside of the cat flap. That will prevent draughts from entering any gaps. 

A better option is to reinstall a weatherproof pet door. These offer a seal to the outside that allows your pets to enter and exit freely.

uPVC Door Cat Flap

Draught Proofing A Keyhole

Usually, it is older keyholes that cause a problem with draughts. You can resolve cold air coming through the keyhole by installing either a cover or a brush draught excluder.

These both work to prevent draughts flowing through an open keyhole and are extremely easy to install. The brush draught excluder can be a more aesthetic option by fitting on the inside of the escutcheon.

Problems With The Door Frame

You may be looking at a costly fix if it is your door frame causing the problems. Wooden doors frames can warp and leave the opening inefficient. 

If the frame isn’t warped but letting in a draught, you may be able to install weather stripping. These are pieces of wood that fit around the door to create a draught proof seal. However, if the frame has warped, it may be time to consider replacing the door.

A new composite or uPVC door will provide more energy-efficiency. Plus, with various styles and accessories, a new door can be as unique as you like. 

Black composite door with side panels and white upvc frame

Replacement Draught Proof Doors

At St Helens Windows, we offer a broad range of uPVC and composite doors. Our professional fitters will work to install a draught proof door that will look stylish and modern. If you want to know more about our composite doors, you can see the complete range here. Alternatively, you can find our uPVC door range here.

Our team work closely with our customers to ensure that the style and design are right for your preferences. If you want to speak to one of our home improvement experts, call 01744 611 203. They can answer any questions that you may have about our range of doors.

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