How To Get Rid Of Conservatory Condensation?

Humidity And Condensation Tend To Happen During The Winter Months

During winter, humidity and condensation can build up in conservatories, especially when temperatures become very low. Conservatories can carry hot air, creating water vapour which puts water droplets on the cold windows.

There are many ways to avoid the build-up of condensation. One is to improve ventilation in your conservatory. Leaving windows open can help. Investing in a dehumidifier will assist with the extraction of moisture from the air leaving too.

Compressor Dehumidifier Or Desiccant For Humidity In Conservatories

Compressor dehumidifiers are less effective below a temperature of 20c. Because conservatory temperatures can drop below 20c during the evening a desiccant dehumidifier is a more suitable option for moisture removal. Another advantage of a desiccant dehumidifier is that they contain hardly any compressor parts making them lighter and quieter than most units.

Dehumidifying Device With Auto Restart Options

Dehumidifiers with an auto-restart option are much better as they remember your current settings in case of a power cut or a restart. Allowing the dehumidifier to reboot with its remember settings so it can continue to work. 

Constant Dehumidifying Drainage

Do you require your dehumidifier to operate during the night? The water tank may become full, turning off the dehumidifier.

To have the dehumidifier running for as long as you want. It’s best to attach a hose to your dehumidifier allowing the water to bypass the tank and empty straight into the sink or drain. Furthermore, this permits you to run the dehumidifier all night without the worry of it turning off.

Dehumidifier Timer Function

The timer function is a recent development in the world of dehumidifiers. Furthermore, the new timer function, allows owners to set when they would like the dehumidifier to come on at any time. Before the timer technology, dehumidifiers needed to switch on manually.

This up to date feature is perfect if you want your dehumidifier to start up once you have gone to bed. By starting up your dehumidifier at later times will also save you money on energy bills.

Dehumidifier Energy Saving Features

Some of the best dehumidifiers come with energy savings features. Furthermore, these features allow the fan mode to switch, on and off. Once a certain amount of humidity has been achieved.

If the humidity rises in your conservatory, then the dehumidifier will automatically switch into its settings. It does this to bring the moisture levels down and restore the correct level of humidity.

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