Carpet Cleaning Solutions

It is almost time for the infamous spring clean. Yet, one part of the spring cleaning that gets missed is the carpet.

Of course, we all hoover our carpets and mop our floors all year round. However, those tricky stains can be hard to combat. Coffee, food, drink, and dirt can all contribute to mucky carpets. This article displays some common carpet cleaning solutions for stubborn stains.

Carpet Fibres

Before cleaning your carpet, it is important that you understand the fibre of the fabric. Some carpets consist of synthetic fibres like polyester and nylon. Other carpets are made of wool or natural fibres. These can require special cleaning solutions as opposed to synthetic fibres.

Carpet Cleaning

Small stains can be easily cleaned. An all-purpose carpet cleaner can be purchased from supermarkets. These can be sprayed onto the stain, rubbed in with a cloth and then blotted at.

Organic stains caused by foods or drinks can be cleaned using mild dish soap and water. However, this can sometimes fade the colour of the carpet so be careful not to damage it! White vinegar and water may also be beneficial.

Other Stains

Some stains are particularly difficult to remove. Rubbing alcohol, club soda and baking soda are often suggested to help. However, be careful if you use these methods as they can damage the carpet or discolour patches!

Other Ways To Carpet Clean

Keep on top of your hoovering all year round. Spot cleaning or hiring professional cleaners can ensure your carpets look like new.

If a spillage occurs, act quickly and blot at the stain. If you rub the stain, you run the risk of making it spread.

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